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Advanced Content Templates is a WordPress post content template plugin that makes publishing faster and easier.

Why Advanced Content Templates?

Advanced Content Templates is the best post content template plugin for WordPress.

Updated Regularly

We regularly release updates to Advanced Content Templates to ensure compatibility with newest releases of WordPress, as well as to add features.

Easy to Use

We have spent hundreds of hours making sure Advanced Content Templates not only works but is easy to use.

No Risk

We are committed to your happiness. If Advanced Content Templates doesn't work for you, we have a 45 day, money-back guarantee.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products 100%.

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  • Up to 5 Site Licenses
  • 1 Year of Updates
  • 1 Year of Support



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  • One Site License
  • 1 Year of Updates
  • 1 Year of Support

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We have some happy customers.

We were so excited when we came across this great little WordPress add-in that allows us to create several blog post templates and then apply the template of choice to our daily podcast posts. Since a portion of the content from our daily real estate industry interview posts are repetitive, we were looking for a way to reduce the amount of time spent typing this information out for each and every post. This add-in was just what we were looking for. Now we can spend more time on our creative content rather than on tedious typing. So thank you, Clif and the CDG Team for creating this add-in.

Greg Welch

We were stuck when Live Writer stopped being supported by Microsoft, and the template plug-in we were using with it. This plug-in makes mine and my co-workers’ lives so much easier! So grateful not only for this plugin and the time we’ll save, but also for Clif and his help to get the plug-in working just right for us!


The customer service for this plugin matches the superiority of the app itself. I love using a template for repeatable (or similar) posts. Clifton kills it, when it comes to the personal touch that is so lacking in many plugins and apps, these days. Purchase or try with confidence.

Nathan Nelson